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Health Benefits of Owning a Spa

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

When thinking about buying a hot tub, it' easy to think about the entertainment aspect of the tub. You might envision having some friends over to hang out in the hot tub or relaxing with family. What many people don't think of when purchasing a spa are the health benefits. Spas can actually provide hydrotherapy, and aid in stress relief and insomnia!


Hydrotherapy - Suffering from chronic pain is no fun. To help alleviate pain, your doctor may refer you to a massage therapist, but it's pretty unrealistic to go see a massage therapist everyday. You might have another option, though - hydrotherapy. If you own a spa, you can use it for hydrotherapy everyday without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. At Angie's, our line of Saratoga Spas can help alleviate pain in the back, neck, hands, and feet, and relieve arthritis and stiffness. See how it works here:

Stress Relief - When you are stressed, your blood pressure starts to rise and proper circulation decreases. Thankfully, a spa can rectify these problems. You can also try adding some aromatherapy for extra relief. At Angie,s we carry a line of RX Spazzaz spa scents. They aid in therapy for stress, muscle, sport, joint, sleep, and respiratory issues.

Sleep Aid - Nothing feels better than a good nights rest. But unfortunately, many American's suffer from insomnia. Researchers have found that bathing in a spa for 15 minutes about an hour and a half before going to sleep for the night can help. The spa naturally helps drop your body temperature for the best rest. You can also try using the RX Spazzaz "Sleep Therapy" featured above!

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