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Spazazz Spa Bombz

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Does your spa need some pizzazz? Never fear, Spazzazz is here! Check out our new spa crystals, aromatherapy, spa-bombs and more from companies like Spazazz, inSPAration, and adora+ology.


Angie's has everything from Epsom Salt, to scented crystals, to softening solutions to make your spa experience perfect! If you've never tried scented crystals before and are on the fence, we always give free samples away when you get your water tested! It's the perfect opportunity for you to test it out!


We just recently started carrying Spazazz spa bombz and they're super awesome for a couple of reasons

1. They use top-of-the-line essential oils to enhance your aromatherapy experience.

2. They don't affect the water chemistry of your spa.

3. They're specially formulated for your hot tub, so you don't have to bring your bath tub bath bombs outside and wreak havoc on your spa water.

4. Spa bombs have sensations of fizzing and bubbling.

5. Spa bombs are equivalent of compressed Spazazz crystals, but with 4x the aromatherapy.

6. Aroma scents range from electric sunshine to calming lavender.


As always, if spa bombz aren't your cup of tea, you can opt for crystal or liquid scents. Come into the store to see which spa addition might work best for you!

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