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5 Spa Accessories You Need

Super Soft Spa Pillows

Spas are meant for relaxing and winding-down. Unfortunately, not all spas come with pillows. If you are in need, look no further. These Super Soft spa pillows will fit all of your needs. These spa pillows feature a soft, cushioned inside providing ultimate head and neck comfort for you to enjoy your spa to the fullest.

Towel Bar

This towel bar is one of those deceptively simple products that makes all the difference in spa convenience. It holds towels a short distance away from splashing water and steam and conveniently folds flat against the spa side when not in use. It is also easy and quick to install!

Instant Cartridge Clean

Leisure Time Instant Cartridge Cleaner is an easy and effective way to remove any dirt, oils, grease, calcium, or other debris on your cartridge filter, restoring it to optimal efficiency. Its blue-colored spray ensures you don't miss a spot when coating your filter for its overnight treatment, and is compatible with ozone, chlorine, bromine, and biguanide sanitizers. Best of all, Instant Cartridge Cleaner is made to the exacting standards Leisure Time demands of all its products, allowing you to buy with confidence.

Life Essentials Spa Brush

This spa brush really is an essential to keeping your spa clean. It cleans the spa and hot tub interior quickly and efficiently. It also has a curved shape to fit the contours of the spa interior. Its rubber edges prevent damage to the spa surface and it is made from UV-stabilized material. It has soft, spa friendly bristles and can be extended with optional spa pole.

InSPAration Crystal Fragrance

Insparation Crystal Fragrances are just what you need to make your spa smell amazing. There are so many different scents to choose from and each scent guarantees you get the most out of your hot tub experience.

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