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The best thing about owning a vinyl liner pool is that you can replace the liner after a 7-10 years and have a new pool look all over again. Having a professional install the new liner is important. Just like installing floor in a house, the placing of a liner is a delicate process that requires skill and care. That is why Angie's is a great choice for your liner replacement. We care nothing more than making sure you are given the quality service you deserve. ​Unlike most companies we do not use sub contractors or have surprise bills at the end.


Vinyl liners allow for a quicker construction process. You and your family will be swimming in your new pool in no time. With easy to clean surface, you save time maintaining your pool.


Starting costs are less than other options. Vinyl liners have a non-porous surface and treated to help prevent algae growth, mold and bacteria. Therefore, vinyl liners require minimal chemical usage and save on upkeep costs. 


With so many choices of colors and patterns, vinyl liner is the most popular pool option. You can choose from a variety of colors to accent water features and landscaping. Designs can accommodate any pool shape and size.


Guaranteed to not scratch skin, swimwear and pool toys with the smooth non-abrasive texture. Vinyl liners are soft to touch and non slip.


Proven to last up to 15 years with the proper water chemistry and care, the material of vinyl liners is strong and durable.


Even after the project has concluded, our team strives to make sure you and your investment are taken care of. Through our liner manufactures, together we have designed one of the best extended warranty programs for you.

​With your liner purchase, 5 years of full material coverage is included! This means you will receive up to $1500 water and labor reimbursement on any liner with a manufacture defect during that period. Compared to the standard 1 year coverage with $500 water and labor reimbursement, the extended 5 year warranty is the best coverage you can receive in our industry.


Replace white plastic steps and add steel steps to an existing pool when you install a new liner. You can choose from many entrances that are beautiful and unique. 


Replacing your pool liner is also the perfect time to upgrade your pool lighting. IntelliBrite 5g color changing LED light uses less electricity and turns your pool into a stunning light show.

Liner Quote

Angie will work up your estimate and respond to you within a few days via email and mail. If you submit your liner quote form during non business hours please allow up to a few business days to receive your liner estimate. Please provide as much information as you can about your pool. We look forward to serving you! 

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