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The reasons are endless to why it never hurts to change the look of your pool for the summer season. Maybe it's time to get a new pool liner because the old one has years of wear and tear. Perhaps you desire to add a few luxury touches such as a princess entry, sun ledge, benches, water fall, or fountains. Simple changes such as adding lighting features like LED IntelliBrite Lighting or Laminars would completely change the style of your swimming pool. Switching to more energy efficient equipment or upgrading technology are other great pool additions. If you are looking for a way to make your outdoor living space into an impressive escape let us take care of your pool renovation. 


Vinyl liners are vast in a variety of design options. The color choices and patterns are endless. Designs can accommodate water features, such as spas or waterfalls, to coordinate with your backyard landscape. The color of the liner will be responsible for the color and shimmer of the water. Darker blues complement pool decking by creating a deep contrast with a blue/green shade of water. Light blues and brown give the water a crystal look that you would find similar on a beach. Get inspired by many choices provided by Merlin and Vinyl Works. Come see liner samples in the store at our Greenwood location. 


 We provide many products that can help make your pool more energy efficient. Pentair Eco Select is a brand proven to save energy, water, reducing noise, and maintaining air quality.


Nothing is more eye catching than a beautifully lit pool. Having an interesting light design is enticing and inviting. LED lights are known for saving energy use and last longer.  


When having your liner replaced consider replacing those old white plastic steps with a beautiful steel step entrance. These entrances add to the elegant look of your pool.


The sound of falling water adds beauty and tranquility to your pool scape like no other feature. Waterfalls and fountains are one of the most popular accessory you could add to your pool. 

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