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Top 3 Flowers For Around The Pool

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Landscaping Around Your Pool

When landscaping around your pool, it can be difficult to know what plants or flowers you may want to purchase. Here are some factors to consider:

1) You will need plants that thrive in full sunlight.

2) You may want plants that ward off bugs so that you don’t have to buy tiki torches or always have bug repellent on hand.

3) Some plants could help you create a privacy border for extra-relaxing pool days!

The following plants may spark some ideas for your perfect backyard getaway.

Rose of Sharon

Why?Rose of Sharon plants can create a privacy wall for your pool without putting up a physical fence. These plants grow 9-12 feet tall, turning your backyard into a private retreat! Rose of Sharon does best in full sun to partial shade, perfect for those long, sunny pool days!


Why? – Marigolds keep the bugs away! There’s nothing worse than trying to relax by the pool and ending up with a multitude of bug bites. These bright, potted flowers come in an array of yellow, orange, and red. Marigolds do best in sunlight and need moderate watering.


Why? – Daylilies do best in direct sunlight. Daylilies actually need at least six hours of sunlight per day to survive, so you don’t have to ever worry that they’re getting too much. Daylilies are perfect for planting around the pool, a place we always hope to be extra sunny!

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