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Fun & Easy Pool Organization Hacks

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Is your deck always messy with noodles, rafts, toys, and towels? Here are some easy, DIY organization hacks to surround your pool area!

1. Pallet Storage

Pictured below is a repurposed pallet being used for pool storage. Take an old pallet, and paint it a fun color! Add a few colorful hooks (enough to accommodate the size of your family) to the top of the pallet. This part of the pallet will serve as a towel rack. Behind the towel rack is storage for noodles, or even your pool net and brush. This pallet can be placed at the side of your home or against your privacy fence, making for the perfect addition to your backyard either way!

2. Tote Storage

These front-opening storage totes are awesome for holding spare towels, and neatly hiding toys away. You can buy just one bin or stack multiple totes depending on your needs. Now every pool-related item can have its own designated place!

3. PVC Raft Rack

Attach PVC piping to your fence to make the perfect raft rack. Notice these racks are upturned to prevent rafts from flying away when it gets windy outside. No more throwing your rafts in a pile in the corner of your yard!

Now go declutter your pool deck - There are no more excuses to have your rafts flying in your neighbor's backyard!

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