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5 Ways to Make Your Swimming Pool More Enticing

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

1. Slide

A slide is always a fun pool addition, especially for swimming pool owners with children. It seems that it doesn't matter how many times you go down a slide, it's always fun! Check out the different swimming pool slide options below:

2. Waterfall

Pool waterfalls can be really simple or really elaborate. Their style is up to you and your taste! Put a fun spin on your backyard with one of the waterfalls pictured:

3. Sun Ledge

This option is for those soon-to-be pool owners, as it's not an addition you can add on later. The sun ledge is a great option for days when you want to tan, but it's too hot not to be in the water!

4. Sports

If you or your family are more active people, adding an activity to your pool might be the way to go. You can add a basketball goal, a volleyball net, or a diving board depending on how deep your pool goes. If you're beginning the pool-buying process, you might consider a lap pool!

5. Hot Tub

For all of those who like to entertain in their swimming pool already, a hot tub is your next step! With both a pool and a spa, there's an option for everyone and you can keep the party going even after the sun goes down!

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