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3 Reasons Primo Grills are The Best

Updated: Jan 5, 2019

1. Primo Grills can smoke up to 25 steaks at once! That’s right. With the Primo Oval XL has a total cooking area of 680 square inches with a cooking grid 18.5’ x 25’. For those of you who love to entertain, this is the perfect addition to your next backyard BBQ!

2. There are 25+ accessories to compliment your new Primo Grill! From the Pizza Stone to the Cast Iron Griddle, you can envision yourself becoming a professional Primo chef. With Primo’s various accessories, you can bake, grill, smoke, sear, sauté, roast, or fry all in one place. The possibilities are endless!

3. Primo offers their own University. Primo University is a webpage where you can easily learn how to get the best out of your new ceramic, charcoal grill. Primo University offers a series of instructional videos including the basics, recipes, and how to videos. To see more, check out this link:

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