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APi Revive! Start Up is a multipurpose treatment that will help remove phosphates, metals, scale, organic debris, and other contaminants that can cause cloudy water and affect chlorine demand. Use this multi-action product at startup, renovations, refills, spring openings, abandoned pools and severe algae clean ups. Revive! is compatible with all pool chemicals, inclduing chlorine, bromine, biguanide and salt, and it is safe for all surfaces and equipment. This product is effective in chlorine levels up to 25 ppm. Use the Revive! Start Up/Clean Up to ensure that your water is healthy all pool season long.


Start Up:

New Pool Construction or Renovation (unfilled pool) - Remove spray applicator and pour Revive into the deep end of the pool as filling begins (32 oz per 24,000 gallons). As the water level rises, Revive will treat the pool surfaces and source water. When filling is complete, brush/vacuum any settled debris and begin regular water care program.



Phosphate Build Up, Metals, Severe Algae, or Scaling (filled pool) - If algae is present, brush walls and shock pool prior to application (for best results, circulate for 60 minutes). Turn off pump/filter system. Attach a garden hose to Revive bottle and spray entire contents over pool surface (5-7 minutes). Wait 24-48 hours for debris to settle to pool bottom then slowly vacuum waste. After vacuuming, run filter for 24 hours. Tips: Highly contaminated pools typically require 2 or more bottles. Allow additional time for Revive to work in cold water. Revive cannot be overdosed - the more used, the more contaminants removed. Rarely, particles may collect on the surface - spray with a garden hose to break them up.


Note: Revive is most effective when total alkalinity is less than 250 ppm, Chlorine level is less that 25 ppm and when liquid solar blankets are not in use. Revive reacts slower in cold water (under 60°F).

Revive Start Up


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