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Natural Chemistry Spa Metal Free targets staining and discoloration from trace metals including iron and copper, by using a very efficient metal chelating agent. Unlike other stain and scale products, the Spa Metal Free chemical will not raise phosphate levels. This product should be used as part of a spa maintenance program.


  • Protects against staining and discoloration
  • Part of a well designed spa maintenance program
  • Does not raise phosphate levels



This product is designed for use in properly balanced spa water.


Initial Dosage

  • Add 1 capful (4oz) per 400 gallons directly to spa water evenly around the edge

Weekly Maintenance Dose

  • Add 1 oz per 400 gallons (one quarter of the large cap) weekly directly to spa water evenly around the edge.


Do not exceed recommended dose.*

*Note: Cationic polymers used in many clarifiers, flocculants and polyquat algaecides should not be dosed to spa water at the same time as metal control products. Cloudy water, precipitation and reduced product effectiveness may result. Wait 24 hours between additions.


Do not use with biguanides.

Natural Chemistry Spa Metal Free


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