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Pool Frog PAC 540C provides pool owners who utilize the Frog XL Pro Chlorinator with a simple, drop-in chlorine insert that allows the XL Pro system to slowly and steadily release needed amount of chlorine for maximum effectiveness. PAC 540C gives users a clean alternative to handling messy chlorine tablets or liquids, and when used with the XL Pro system, is completely automated to remove adding chlorine on a daily basis from your busy schedule.




  1. Adjust pH level to 7.2 - 7.8.
  2. Bring Free Available Chlorine (FAC) residual to 1 ppm using a chlorine shock. Follow manufacturers label directions.
  3. Stabilize the pool with cyanuric acid stabilizer. Follow manufacturers label directions.
  4. To Install Frog Pac: Take Pool Frog chlorine cycler cap off. Remove Frog Pac colored caps. Hold pac so the open end faces down. Insert into Pool Frog Chlorine Cycler. The end of the pac must align with the key located inside the Pool Frog Chlorine Cycler at the bottom. Do not force. Replace feeder cap and set the control dial per the size and pump run time of your pool according to the chart in the manual included with the Pool Frog Mineral Reservoir Monitor chlorine level daily for the first week to determine correct dial setting. Turn the control dial to the next highest setting to increase the free available chlorine and turn it to the next lowest setting to decrease the free available chlorine. Check the free available chlorine residual and increase/decrease one setting per day until you achieve at least 0.5 ppm. Pool should not be entered until the chlorine residual is at least 0.5 ppm.
  5. Once you have determined the proper setting for your pool, you should not have to re-adjust the setting under normal conditions. Should conditions change (i.e. weather, rain, pool use, bather load, etc.) the control dial can be easily adjusted to increase or decrease the chlorine feed.
  6. Superchlorinate if needed. Do not add shock to the skimmer. Turn control dial to Minimum or Setting 0 before superchlorinating. Once the desired free available chlorine level has been obtained, return the control dial to the normal operating setting.
  7. Periodically check the Frog Pac and replace with a new one when empty. Do not attempt to open or refill this pac. Do not reuse.

Frog Chlorine Pac 540C


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