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Pool Frog Above Ground Mineral Reservoir gives pool owners a way to dramatically reduce their chlorine consumption with an all-natural solution, without compromising the cleanliness or health of the pool environment. Aboveground Mineral Reservoir's patented design utilizes natural minerals to kill bacteria and other organic compounds, and will greatly reduce common chlorine side-effects, such as swimsuit discoloration, skin and eye irritation, and a reduced odor. This system will not only make your pool feel better because of its filtering, but will save you money by reducing the amount of chlorine you will need to keep your pool healthy.




Replace Frog Mineral Reservoir every six months or after one pool season which ever is shorter.




Replacing a Pool Frog Mineral Reservoir, Frog Bam and Pool Frog Bac Pac:

  1. Check the top of the box to make sure you have the correct Pool Frog Mineral Reservoir to fit your Pool Frog Cycler. The colored barcode will indicate if it fits in ground versus aboveground.
  2. If you have determined you have the right mineral reservoir, open box and remove the Pool Frog Mineral Reservoir.
  3. Turn off pump and turn dial to Pac Removal or Setting 0 depending on the model.
  4. Open cap, if using Pool Frog Bac Pac stand pac to avoid inhaling chlorine fumes.
  5. Find slot on side of Pool Frog Mineral Reservoir into cycler until secure.
  6. Remove cap from Frog Bam without removing seal.
  7. Insert upside down into center of Pool Frog Mineral Reservoir pushing down firmly on key to puncture seal.
  8. Replace cap by hand only. Turn control dial on cycler to Maximum or Setting 10 depending on the model.
  9. Turn pump on for 90 minutes allowing Frog Bam to circulate through pool.
  10. To remove Frog Bam, turn pump off, turn dial to Pac Removal or Setting 0 depending on the model, remove cycler cap.
  11. Lift Frog Bam up and allow any water in the cycler to drain through the cycler before discharging in trash. If pool requires additional Frog Bam, repeat steps 6-11. When water is clear in cycler, proceed to step 12.
  12. Pool Frog Bac Pac recommended to assure up to 50% reduction in chlorine use.
  13. Avoid sparks, open flame or smoking when handling the Bac Pac.
  14. To remove the Bac Pac colored caps, grab onto the lip of one cap with pliers and pull up until cap releases. Repeat the process for the other cap.
  15. Turn Bac Pac over and shake slightly until chlorine tablets fall into lower areas.
  16. Line up the small leg of the Bac Pac with the small opening in the pool frog mineral reservoir and the large leg with the large opening. Lower Bac Pac into Pool Frog Mineral Reservoir until secure.
  17. Replace cap by hand only.
  18. Mark your calendar for the 6 month replacement of your Pool Frog Mineral Reservoir, 90 day replacement of the Frog Bam and approximate replacement times of the Pool Frog Bac Pac.


Start-up and Operation:

  1. Add a stabilizer or conditioner to the pool at the beginning of the pool season if the stabilizer level is below 20 ppm. This will prevent chlorine burn off. Follow manufacturers directions carefully.
  2. Shock the pool with chlorine to rid the water of contaminants before beginning. Follow manufacturers directions carefully. Do not add shock in or near the skimmer or into the cycler as it could damage equipment, risk potential explosion or discolor your pool surface. This step is very important to start-up. Use chlorine shock only.
  3. Install Pool Frog Mineral Reservoir into the cycler.
  4. Replace cap and run cycler, with Pool Frog Mineral Reservoir inserted, for 10 minutes on setting maximum or setting 10 depending on the model.
  5. Insert Frog Bam into Pool Frog Mineral Reservoir in cycler.
  6. When chlorine reading is down to 1 ppm, which may take a few days, insert chlorine Bac Pac.
  7. Set control dial by matching the parameters of your pool shown on directions supplied with Mineral Reservoir.
  8. For the first week test the pool water daily for free chlorine to ensure correct dial setting. Continue to test weekly throughout the season.
  9. Shock pool every two weeks or as needed to maintain water quality.

Frog Above Ground Mineral Reservoir


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