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Why You Should Close Your Pool Late

Closing your pool for the winter is very important. By properly closing your pool, you can prevent freezes from damaging your pool equipment. At Angie's, we always recommend closing your pool later rather than earlier in the season for the best spring opening. Below are a few reasons why!

Close Late for Best Spring Opening

As a general rule of thumb, you want your water temperature consistently below 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit before closing. When you close at these temperatures, you are avoiding algae growth and other problems. If you decide to close early, you will spend more money to get your pool up and running in the spring.

Early Closing can Lead to Green Pools

No one like opening a green pool in the spring. You should keep your water circulating for as long as you can to avoid long time periods where your pool water is sitting still. It is harder for algae to grow if you close your pool when the temperatures are cooler. It is less expensive to run your pool for an extra month than to clear up a green pool when you open in the spring.

Extend Your Summer

Why not enjoy your pool for as long as you can? Just because the kids are back in school, doesn't mean the summer fun has to end. Kids love coming home from school and swimming in the pool after a long day of sitting. You can always extend your pool season through the fall, especially if you have a heater.

Closing your pool later in the season definitely has its benefits. If you have any questions or would like to have your pool professionally closed, call us at (317) 881-1257 to get on our closing schedule!

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