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When is a good time to open your pool?

Oftentimes, when the snow starts to melt and the temperatures get warmer, pool owners begin to think about opening their pool.

However, when these thoughts come up, pool owners have to ask themselves a few questions. For example: How soon will I use my pool? Is it going to snow again while my pool is open? Am I going to have to pay a lot to use the heater?

The good news is we are happy to help answer all of these questions. At Angie’s, we always recommend that pool owners open their pool early and close it late. For example, it would be ideal to open your pool in early spring and close in late fall. There are a few reasons as to why we suggest this. When your pool is open and running, the water is able to circulate and not stay stagnant.

There are also some instances where you may need to drain or partially drain your pool. If you open your pool in the early months of spring, you can do this before you begin to use your pool in the warmer days. You would not want to open your pool in late May, and then have to drain your pool right before a big pool party. The reasons for draining your pool could be a high TDS (total dissolved solids) or a high CYA(cyanuric acid/stabilizer) level. Additionally, we recommend bringing in a water test after opening your pool. We are able to test these levels, along with other things to ensure that your water is safe and ready to go for summer!

Some pool owners begin to open their pool in mid March, this would be about the earliest possible. Even if freezing temperatures happen, your pool equipment would be safe because your water is moving from circulating. To answer another concern, you do not need to run your heater when you first open the pool unless you are planning on swimming. As long as the water is moving, it will be safe to have open.

It is never too early to schedule a pool opening, give us a call or stop in today. We will get you on our schedule to ensure your pool is opened properly. Happy swimming!

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