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Vinyl Liners

At Angie's we build pools with vinyl liners. They allow for a quicker construction process so you and your family will be swimming in your new pool in no time. Here are some benefits of vinyl liners and why you should choose them over any other pool surface.

Lower Maintenance

All pools require maintenance, but vinyl liner pools don't require as much as concrete or fiberglass. Vinyl is a nonporous surface, meaning it requires less chemicals to treat. It also has a very smooth surface making it harder for harmful substances, such as algae, to grow in your pool. Vinyl liners are especially a good choice for those who live in the Midwest because they are less prone to the freeze/thaw cycles that occur in those areas.

Highly Customizable

Choosing a vinyl liner opens up the world of design when building your dream pool. The possibilities when designing with vinyl liner are almost endless. There are a number of features to choose from such as tanning ledges and customizable steps. There is also a huge variety of liner color, patterns, and thickness to choose from. Unlike concrete and fiberglass pools, if your taste ever changes, a different look is just one liner replacement away.

Smooth to Touch

One thing a lot of people don't consider when thinking about investing in a pool is the feel of the surface they choose. Concrete and fiberglass pools can feel rough on skin. Vinyl liners are smooth to touch and can make your swimming experience more enjoyable compared to other pool surfaces.

Easy Installation

No one likes waiting, especially when not when you want to swim in your new pool. Fast installation is another great pro to vinyl liner pools. Gunite and concrete pools can take up to double the time to complete installation. This is perfect if you are building your pool in the summer and want to start enjoying it as soon as possible.

Take a Look!

Proven to last up to 15 years with the proper water chemistry and care, the material of vinyl liners is strong and durable. Vinyl lined pools are the most common type of pool liner, and for good reason. A pool is a substantial investment, so you always want to be sure you are getting the most out of your money. Here are some photos of our vinyl liner pool builds!

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