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Types of Pool Shocks

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

Want crystal clear water? It can seem like a tricky decision when it comes to choosing the right type of shock for your pool. Below, we go through what types of chlorine we have available at Angie's, and what they are used for. This break down is for you, to help you decide what's best for your water. Remember that it's always a good idea to use some kind of shock along with your chlorine tablet(s)!


Liquid Chlorine

Liquid chlorine is the most common type of pool shock that our customers use, and probably the kind of pool shock you thought of when you clicked on this post. At Angie's our liquid chlorine is 12.5% as opposed to the 10% liquid chlorine you might find at big box retailers.

*It is also important to note that liquid chlorine starts to lose its potency after 30 days, whereas powder shock is good for up to 5 years.


T.K.O. is a granular pool shock, and another customer favorite. T.K.O. comes in 1 lb. bags that are about the equivalent to 1 gallon of chlorine. The benefits of T.K.O are this: 1). The bags are easy to dispose of whereas empty gallon bottles of chlorine are not. They are also a lot lighter and easier to handle than an 8+ lb. gallon of chlorine. 2) You won't stain your clothes like with the splash from liquid chlorine. If you buy a box of T.K.O., or 12 bags, you get 10% off the box which is the equivalent of 1 bag free! T.K.O. is good for up to 5 years as long as it doesn't get wet.


Oxy-Brite is a non-chlorinated, granular pool shock. Oxy-Brite is used to keep existing chlorine in the pool and break chlorine locks. A lock in chlorine means your free and total chlorine readings are not the same. Oxy-Brite can help fix this problem if you have free chlorine reading of at least 0.5 ppm. This type of shock also comes with a clarifier to help keep your water sparkling! Oxy-Brite comes in 1 lb., 2 lb., 5 lb., 20 lb., and 50 lb. containers. Each pool Angie's builds comes with Oxy-Brite!


Shoxidizer is the best of both worlds; it's like T.K.O. and Oxy-Brite combined! There is chlorine in Shoxidizer, but also the property that breaks chlorine locks in your pool and restores it to it's sparkly state. Shoxidizer comes in 1 lb., easy-to-use bags.

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