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Trichlor Options

Trichlor is a leading pool chemical supplier that is now in short demand due to a fire at one of their plants in Louisiana. Some pools service companies were already struggling due to COVID-19; this is now heightened due to limited supply and increased pricing of Trichlor products.

With the pool season coming to a close, most companies were not too worried about this limited supply but suppliers are now warning that the Trichlor shortage may not resolve itself anytime in the near future. This can come as a concern to not only Trichlor suppliers, but pool owners who no longer have access to these chemicals as well.

For those with the financial means, there may be options. Converting to a salt system or UV and ozone systems may be possible. There could be options for those customers who would prefer not to rely on these expensive options as well. Switching to liquid chlorine and using it effectively and efficiently is a great solution. There is also a plethora of products that can be used alongside chlorine to help improve its efficiency.

At Angie's, we will be offering other options and can answer any questions you have about this shortage!

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