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Top 5 Angie's Gifts

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Can't seem to find the perfect gift for friends or family this year? Don't worry. Angie's is here for all your gifting needs. Here are our top five gifts to give!

1. pHin Smart Pool Monitor

The pHin Smart Pool Monitor constantly surveys the chemical levels in your pool or spa water. All you have to do is create an account, sync the pHin with the pHin smart phone app, and put the pHin in the water. The pHin will alert your phone when you need to take action, and tell you the exact amount of chemicals you need to add to your water. This gift is perfect for the busy pool owner.

2. Primo Grill

Primo Grills are ideal for your friend who loves to cook. These charcoal grills are perfect for grilling poolside in the summer. To learn more about Primo grills, check out our blog post titled "3 Reasons Primo Grills are The Best." Know a friend who already has a Primo Grill? Check out our entire wall dedicated to Primo Grill accessories in the store!

3. Flame Boss

Speaking of Grill accessories, have you heard of the Flame Boss? The Flame Boss lets you cook on your charcoal grill overnight without the hassle of having to wake up and check on the temperature every few hours! The Flame Boss controls grill heat with a blower that moves the temperature up and down. A meat probe monitors the internal temperature so you know the meat is ready to serve.

4. Prowler 920 or Dolphin M400 Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Prowler and the Dolphin are both awesome pool vacuum cleaners. They make having a crystal clear pool easy. Know someone who still vacuums their pool manually? These pool vacuums are the gifts that keep on giving. Your friend will spend less time cleaning their pool, and have more time to hang out with you! To find more information on these cleaners, check out our previous blog post titled "Prowler 920 v. Dolphin M400."

5. Hot Tub

Know someone who's been dying for a hot tub? Now is your chance to make their holiday season! We have over 10 models on our floor to choose from, all customizable to your liking. Angie's carries both Saratoga and Strong Spas, and are bound to have a perfect match for your needs!


See something you like? Still not sure what gifts to buy? Come visit the Angie's employees in store. We are all happy to help you choose the perfect gift!

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