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Tips for First Time Pool Owners

Whether you are a first time pool owner or are looking to do more pool maintenance on your own, there are some things you need to know. Here are some tips to help your water stay clean and clear all season long!

Cleaning is essential.

Like any other big purchase such as a car or house, cleaning your pool can help maintain its beauty and extend its longevity. Cleaning can help maintain pool water balance and keep dirt, debris, and microorganisms like algae at bay. Plus, who doesn't love swimming in a crystal clear pool?

Get your water tested!

As essential keeping your pool clean is, it’s also important that you pay close attention to the pool’s water chemistry. Proper pool water chemistry allows you to avoid many of the common issues including cloudy or green water, dark or slippery spots, mineral stains and buildup, and so on. We recommend getting your pool water professionally tested once a week, but if that isn't an option you can always use test strips or a drop test kit!

Follow a weekly maintenance routine.

You can do a couple of different things every week to keep your pool looking its best. Our weekly maintenance plan will prevent algae from growing in your pool, control your metal levels, and keep your pool clean and clear. The weekly chemicals we recommend are chlorine tablets, shock, algaecide, and metal and stain control. The amount of these chemicals you will add depends on the size of your pool. Come into our store to find out what your weekly maintenance program should look like!

Variable-speed pumps are life savers!

Variable-speed pumps help save energy compared to the traditional single-speed pool pumps. They provide continuous water filtration which reduces the risk of poor pool water quality. They also improve the diffusion of treatment products as they are released 24 hours a day, whereas a standard pump will only release products for 14 hours a day. Variable-speed pumps will also save you money in the long run!

Look into pool safety.

While owning a pool can provide entertain and relaxation for kids and adults, it also comes with a lot of responsibility. There are some ways you can childproof your pool so you can stay worry free all summer long. This includes blocking access with a gate or an automatic pool cover to protect your own children from danger and make sure your pool doesn't pose a risk to neighborhood kids. You can also install alarms that let you know when someone is close to your pool or has fallen in. Keeping your pool equipment and chemicals locked away is also always a good safety measure!

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