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Spring Opening Checklist

Spring is just around the corner! It's time to start thinking about opening your pool. First and foremost, when you get your pool up and running, drop off a water sample so we can tell you exactly what you need. Do this after the pool has been circulating for at least 24 hours. Use this checklist below of items you will need to open your pool!

You will need:
  1. Sequa Sol: Used as an opening chemical as well as a weekly maintenance chemical. It is a sequestering agent, used to protect pool surfaces and equipment from stains, scale and rust.

  2. Algimycin 2000 (or Algimycin 1000): Used as an opening chemical as well as a weekly maintenance chemical. This helps prevent algae growth.

  3. Liquid Chlorine (or Granular): Chlorine should be added at opening as well as a weekly maintenance. This is a sanitizer that help keeps your water safe and clean. It comes in a liquid and granular form

  4. Tablets: These are used to maintain your chlorine level in your pool. They should be added to your chlorinator or floating dispenser. (Tip: never add these to your skimmer basket on your pool.)

  5. Wipe Out: This is a great chemical for the spring time. It is used to clean the waterline of the pool as well as pool covers. You can keep this on hand all summer in case any stains begin to form on your waterline.

  6. Test Strips: Although we recommend weekly in store water tests, test strips are good to have on hand to make sure your water is balanced and safe to get in!

  7. Clarifier: Sometimes a little extra help is all you need. This can be used as a weekly maintenance of just as need to make your pool crystal clear.

  8. Skimmer Socks: Another great helper, these are used over your skimmer basket to make cleaning super simple! They collect fine debris and large debris in your filter basket.

Check condition of:
  1. Backwash hose

  2. Cartridge filters

  3. Brush

  4. Net

  5. Vacuum head, plate and hose

  6. Telescopic pole

  7. Baskets

  8. Pressure gauges

  9. Orings

Make sure you have:
  1. Safety equipment (safety rope, life ring & hook)

  2. Automatic cover pump (try cover blast)

  3. VGB compliant drain cover and suction fittings

If you don't feel comfortable opening your own pool, call us to schedule an opening date. We can come out and do all of the hard work for you! Call us at (317) 881-1257 or visit us in store to schedule your pool opening!

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