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Service Department

Many pool and spa owners wonder if we have a service department. We sure do! Our certified technicians are trained in so many areas, from installing heaters, pumps, and other elements to helping you learn pool care and maintenance. Learn more about our pool and spa services below!


Service Call

When you notice a leak on your filter or a noise coming from you pool pump that doesn't sound right, our APSP Certified Service Technicians are here for you.

Spa Service Call

Our APSP Certified Spa Technicians are trained to fix problems and find solutions when it comes to your hot tub.

Operating Instructions

Are you new to pool ownership? We have on-site operating instructions available to educate you on pool care and maintenance.

Pool Clean Up

If you're struggling with clearing up your pool or you just don't have the time our pool clean up service is perfect for you. We'll come out every other day until you're clear!

TDS Draining

If you have a high TDS level that is effecting the performance of your chemicals and you don't have the time to drain your pool, we're here to help.

Spa Drain and Fill

It's easy for small bodies of water to become unbalanced and saturated. With our spa drain and fill service we'll get your spa water chemistry back on track.

Auto Cover Service

Is your cover stuck, opening crooked or coming out of seam? Might be a good time to set up an automatic pool cover service.

Heater Install

Extend your summer season! New heaters are proven to be more efficient - saving you on running cost. Out with the old, in with the new.

Pump Install

You're spending $3 a day to run your single speed pool pump. With a new variable speed pump, your daily cost to run your pool drops to less than $1. Call and get a quote today.

Filter Install

Sand filters feature a special internal design that maintains the sand bed level and ensures even water flow that results in the most efficient pool filter system possible. Available in SD 35, SD 40, SD 60, SD 80, SD 80 ClearPro

Sand Change

How does never having to change your sand again sound? With Dr. Dryden's Permanent Filter Media you never have to again.

Pool Cleaner Tune Up

Having problems with your automatic pool cleaner? Bring it into Angie's and let us get it running like new.

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