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Robotic Pool Cleaners

Updated: May 24, 2022

While robotic pool cleaners are the best cleaning option for your pool, they are also the most expensive. There are several reasons why they are worth the investment. For starters, they are maintenance-friendly. All they require is being plugged in and dropped in the pool to do their job. This will save you time on vacuuming your pool for hours. They are also energy-efficient, lowering energy bills. Most importantly, they clean efficiently and do a good job of making your pool look amazing. Some even have the ability to not only clean your pool floor, but your walls as well. At Angie's Pool and Spa we have three robotic cleaners that will have your pool looking its best.


Features: The Pentair Prowler 920 Robotic Cleaner offers a great level of cleaning. It will scrub and vacuum all the way up to the tile line of your pool. It has two brushes for an enhanced clean. It also provides you the ability to customize the filtration level with a large, as well as fine, debris cartridges. All you need to do is plug it in and watch it go to work.


Features: The M400 Robotic Cleaner is highly efficient for cleaning pools. This cleaner has an app and with its advanced systems, it scans for complete coverage of not only your pool floor, but also your walls and waterline. There is also a programmable weekly timer and cleaning cycle selector. This cleaner also has interchangeable sets of fine and ultra-fine filters, removing either rough or fine dirt and debris.


Features: The AquaVac 650 Pool Cleaner is known for its first-of-its-kind capabilities. This cleaner features SpinTech filterless technology that maintains maximum suction power. There are six variable-speed-driven rollers that offer wall-to-wall cleaning coverage. It also has a TouchFree debris canister with a quick release button which is designed for effortless cleaning. This cleaner also has an app that offers SpotClean remote steering and several color themes. This cleaner is great for pool owners who want the latest smart technology.

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