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Prowler 920 vs. Dolphin M400

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

Sick of manually vacuuming your pool? We can help! When it comes to robotic pool cleaners, it can be difficult to decide on the perfect cleaner for your pool. At Angie's we have two options, the Prowler 920 and the Dolphin M400. Let us help you decide which cleaner is right for you!



-Both bots map out your swimming pool to give you the best clean. The two cleaners even climb and clean the walls!

-Both units come with a power pack that turns on the cleaners from outside the pool (Prowler left, Dolphin right).

-These cleaners each come with a 60 foot cord, ensuring that they will clean the entire length of your pool.

-Both cleaners move by gliding the walls and floor of your swimming pool on a set of tracks.

-Both units have filters that can be removed via the topside of the bots.



Prowler 920

-You can't go wrong with the Prowler 920. This automatic cleaner comes with every pool we build!

-The Prowler 920 is a Pentair product.

-The Prowler 920 has a basket filter with a handle for easy removal when the top of the unit is opened.

-The Prowler 920 only moves up and down the walls of your pool whereas the Dolphin can move side-to-side.

-The Prowler 920 comes with two floor scrubbers.

Dolphin M400

-The Dolphin M400 is a Maytronics product.

-The Dolphin M400 comes with two cartridge filters which are easily accessible when the top of the bot is open.

-The Dolphin M400 also comes with a caddy so that you can easily roll to where it needs to be without having to pick up, and lug, the bot, power pack, and cord.

-The Dolphin M400 can be maneuvered via Bluetooth. Just download an app, and you can use the bots Dynamic Dual Drive 360 feature. This feature allows your Dolphin M400 to perform zero-degree turns, moving 8 ft. left or 8 ft. right. This is perfect for spot cleaning!

-The Dolphin has three scrubbers vs. the two that the Prowler 920 has.


We hope this article helped you decide which pool cleaner to get! If you have any questions, please feel free to call or visit the store. Both the Prowler 920 and the Dolphin M400 are available to rent before you buy, promising the right choice for you!

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