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Pool Safety With Kids

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

When the sun is shining and kids are out of school for the Summer, they naturally want to swim. How can we keep them safe while still getting to participate in their favorite Summer activity?



1. Watch children in or around the pool, distraction free.

How can we make this distraction free? One idea Angie likes to use is the "paper plate method." One adult around the pool must be holding a paper plate in their hand when children are around. This person is in charge of keeping their eye on the children for a set period of time. Once that period of time is up, the plate is passed to the next adult. The paper plate being in your hand will serve as a reminder to keep an eye on your kids to make sure they're staying safe. This method will also work with any object you designate to be the "reminder object."

2. Teach kids how to swim.

If you or your neighbors are pool owners, the best thing you can do is enroll your child in swim lessons. Children can be registered for swim lessons at your local YMCA and (usually) your local high school. If your children are too young to take swim lessons at one of these facilities, consider doing some research on infant survival swim lessons where your children can start learning to swim as early as 6 month old.

3. Prepare for emergency.

Learning CPR and other water rescue techniques may help save a child's life. CPR classes are also taught at your local YMCA.

Make sure you have the following safety equipment at your pool:

- Shepherds Crook (Life Hook)

- Rescue Tubes

- Life Vest

- First Aid Kit


Review this info-graphic for more tips!


Has your child taken the Safe Swimmer Pledge?

Print off this photo and go over it with your child today!


If you have any other questions about children's swimming safety, please don't hesitate to contact the store. We have plenty of tips to help you out!

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