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Pool Closing Dos and Don'ts

Pool closings are just around the corner. For those closing their pool on their own, here are some dos and don'ts to ensure your pool is properly winterized.



Don't: Don't use just any type of antifreeze. Pool antifreeze is a propylene glycol based. Some companies and most RV antifreeze are an alcohol based product. Alcohol will dry out rubber seals/gaskets and cause plastics to break down. Some manufactures such as Hayward and Jandy will not honor a warranty if alcohol based antifreeze is used to winterize your pool.

Do: Make sure to use pool antifreeze only (propylene glycol based) to winterize your lines. This non-toxic antifreeze will protect your pool plumbing from freeze damage.

Water Level

Don't: It is not necessary to drain your water when closing your pool. As long as your lines are properly winterized, there is no need to drain!

Do: With vinyl liner pools you should keep the waterline at normal level when closing your pool. If not, it will stretch and dry out causing cracks and holes in the material. Keeping your waterline at normal level will also help prevent damage to your pool cover.

Plugs and Gizmos

Don't: Don't reuse winter plugs and gizmos. This is because there is a high freeze risk due to the fact these materials may have pin holes or hairline cracks from the previous winter.

Do: We recommend replacing your winter plugs and gizmos every year. They’re inexpensive and it’s more affordable to prevent the problem rather than fix.


Don't: It is wasteful and unnecessary to add chemicals to your pool water throughout the winter. Chemicals will not do their job efficiently since the water is not circulating.

Do: You should regularly inspect your system, pool cover and waterline throughout the winter.

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