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Opening Your Pool Sooner Rather Than Later

When the warmer weather begins to arrive, you may begin to think about opening your swimming pool for the season. You might begin to ask yourself if it is too early to open your pool or if it is better to wait. We typically recommend opening your pool sooner rather than later and here are some reasons why.


Prevent Algae Growth

Algae loves warmer temperatures the same way pool owners do. The sooner you open, the more likely you are to find a cleaner pool when your cover comes off. If you are using a mesh winter cover, sunlight is getting through, and your pool can become a breeding ground for algae. Opening your pool in the early months of March and April means less chance of algae growth happening.


Some pool owners will hold off on opening their pool because they associate an open pool with an expensive pool. When you open early, there is a good chance you will spend less on chemicals than opening in late spring when the temperatures are warmer. Algae can skew water chemistry and treatment can be pricey.

Backyard Aesthetic

Your pool looks great once the cover is off. By opening early, your yard instantly become more attractive, and its starts to feel like summer again. The sooner you open, the sooner you can get your summer backyard again.

Enjoy your Pool Season Longer

If you have a pool, you probably enjoy swimming. Opening early means more time to cool off, relax, and socialize with friends and family in your backyard. By opening early, you maximize the benefits of your pool. You can look in your backyard knowing that warm weather is on its way and your pool will be ready to enjoy.

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