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New Spiceology

Whether you are a professional chef, grill warrior or amateur home cook, Spiceology is here for you! Their mission is to eliminate dull flavors from the kitchen and to experiment with flavor using fresh ingredients and bold spices. We now carry some of their signature blends. Come check them out in the store just in time for backyard cookout season!


Signature Blends: These spice blends are designed to provide the perfect flavor compliment to your next recipe with no mixing required. Spiceology's chefs combine two or more ingredients so that they lose their individual characteristics and instead, become smooth and uniform in flavor. These blends are premium and made with only the best ingredients!

  • Black & Bleu

  • Black Magic

  • Childe Margarita

  • Cowboy Crust

  • Greek Freak

  • Korean BBQ

  • Maui Wowee

  • Nashville Hot

  • Oh Canada

  • Purple Haze

  • Raspberry Chipotle

  • Smokey Honey Habanero

  • Guac and Roll


Beer Cans: These beer can rubs fire up your grill and your tastebuds. Each of the beer-infused rubs cranks up the flavor of whatever you are cooking. Crack a can and rub it on or marinate it real good. Your tastebuds will thank you!

  • Jalapeño Lime Pilsner

  • Imperial Stout

  • Cherry Chipotle Ale

  • Hickory Peach Porter

  • Mesquite Peppercorn Lager

  • Honey Mustard IPA

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