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It's November And Your Pool Is Still Open

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

It is important to close your pool every winter to prevent plumbing damage, chemical issues, and to keep it clean for the following summer. We are now approaching mid-November, but some of us still have our pools open. Winter weather is upon us! Here are some tips to prevent freeze damage.


1. Keep your pool running.

If your pool pump is running 24/7, your plumbing lines are far less likely to freeze since water is being circulated. If your pipes freeze, the ice causes them to expand and possibly crack, which would mean a pretty costly repair. Running your pool pump is a good way to try to prevent this from happening.

2. Turn on fountains daily.

The same goes for your pool fountains as goes for your plumbing lines. Running your fountains at least once a day will help prevent further freeze damage, and help your pool water with added circulation.

3. Close your pool ASAP.

The best thing you can do, as a pool owner, to prevent further freeze damage, is close your pool as soon as possible. This way, your pipes have a lesser chance of freezing, and your pool will be ready to go in the spring when the weather warms up again. If you need assistance closing your pool, we can schedule a closing for you at Angie's. Come in the store or call us at (317) 881-1257.


None of this advice is guaranteed to prevent freeze damage to your swimming pool. We highly recommend closing your pool before temperatures get to freezing. These preventative actions are solely to help you until you are able to close your pool for the winter!

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