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How to keep your pool sparkling blue this summer!

Every year pool owners hope to keep their pool sparkling blue all summer, however, we know that it is very easy for a pool to turn cloudy or green in a very short amount of time. There are some simple steps that every pool owner can take to make sure their pool is staying as clear as possible!

First, make sure you are getting your water tested weekly. It is important to make sure that your water is properly balanced for clarity, swimmer safety, and so your pool and its equipment do not get ruined. A quick weekly water check can go a long way!

Next, make sure you are performing general maintenance on your pool. A few examples of this are cleaning out your skimmer baskets, brushing the walls and floor, vacuuming, and cleaning your filter. If you have a sand filter this would be a weekly backwash and rinse. If you have a cartridge filter, this would be taking the filter out and cleaning it monthly.

Finally, we recommend a few chemicals to add weekly in order to keep your water clear and safe. These chemicals are algaecide, a stain and scale preventer, shock, and chlorine tabs (you will not use tabs if you have a salt cell system.) Every pool size has a different amount of each of these chemicals to add weekly. One of our pool professionals would be happy to get you a weekly maintenance sheet and give you the exact amounts needed to make your pool as perfect as possible!

Even though water chemistry can be tricky and it is changing all the time, we think these few easy steps should make your life a little “clearer!” We can’t wait to see you this summer to help with your pool care, happy swimming!

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