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Facts About UV Systems

How it Works

Inground pool UV systems work like a germicide to get rid of unwanted bacteria in the pool. It starts by flowing pool water through the pool's filtration system first. Then, the water passes through graphite housing where a UV light destroys bacteria, algae, and other unwanted microorganisms by attacking them through their cells walls. Because the UV light is contained within the graphite chamber, it doesn't harm you or any swimmers.


  • Ensures your pool water is clean and free of harmful bacteria and other microorganisms

  • Low maintenance

  • May be safer than chemicals alone

  • One of the best forms of cleaning technology


  • Sanitation only happens while water is under the lamp, so if the UV light misses some of the bacteria, it can get back into the pool

  • You need to sanitize the piping where the water goes back into the pool

  • UV light become less effective over time, so it will need to be replaced regularly

Keep in Mind

Most pools with this system also use chlorine, just not as much as your typical swimming pool. It is also important that you monitor and balance the pH and alkalinity levels in your pool, which can also require additional chemicals. There are many different UV systems available. They can cost anywhere from $400 to $2,000. The main factors that affect the price are the bulb size and how many gallons per minute you want your UV sanitizer to handle. Overall, a UV system for your pool can be a good investment, just make sure you look at all aspects of the system before you invest!

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