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EZ Spa Chemical Line

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Taking care of spa water can be a difficult task for some. There are so many different chemicals and tasks that can become confusing over time. We are now offering new spa chemicals that are convenient and easy to use. EZ Spa is a water care program that combines simplicity and great water quality in a once-a-week application. This formula is specifically blended to manage spa water while eliminating the confusion of adding multiple chemicals every other day.


Ez Spa Total Care


  • Extends the life of fresh water while helping with TDS levels

  • Less need for filter cleaning

  • Likes high calcium levels (300+) - attaches to the calcium for longer oxidation life

  • No floater needed

  • Compatible with high levels of CYA

How does it work?

Total Care is simple to use. Its concentrated formula oxidizes contaminants, conditions and clarifies, inhibits scale and foam, and maintains water balance. After the initial water balance, add EZ Spa just once a week with E-Z Boost for clean, clear spa water.

When to use it?

This is great for first time spa owners or customers looking for a simpler alternative to bromine or chlorine. You should add 1 oz per 100 gallons as part of your weekly maintenance.


EZ Spa Start


  • Removes metals, phosphates, scaling carbonates and organic debris from fresh water

  • Works by making these organic materials heavier and easier for filters to grab

  • Treats water discoloration from fresh fills

  • Simple application and then quick filter rinse after 12 hours of circulation

  • Alternative to Leisure Time Metal Gon

How does it work?

When using at start-up, EZ Spa Start treats the source water by removing metals, phosphates, scaling carbonates and organic debris to keep the water clear and stain / scale free.

When to use it?

Use when you are filling your spa for the first time or doing a routine drain and fill. Use 1 oz per 100 gallons and let it circulate for 12 hours. Then remove the spa filters and give them a quick rinse.


EZ Spa Boost


  • Acts as a weekly sanitizer when used with EZ Spa Total Care

  • Can be used after heavy bather use

  • Alternative to Rendezvous Activate

How does it work?

This fast-dissolving granular formula sanitizes and disinfects spa water and is part of the EZ Spa once-a-week water care program.

When to use it?

This is great for new spa owners or customers who are looking to switch to a simpler weekly maintenance program. You can add this once a week along with EZ Total Care. You should also add a dose after having lots of people in your hot tub in order to keep the water sanitized. Use 1 oz per 100 gallons.


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