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Have you stopped in our store and seen EZ Spa on our shelves? Have you heard about it from a friend or seen fliers around?

Oftentimes, when thinking of a new line of chemicals, many questions come up. In this article, we are going to talk about the EZ Spa line of chemicals and why it could be beneficial for you to make the switch!

We recommend starting a new line of chemicals after a fresh drain and refill. This is because you do not want to mix chemicals. It can be dangerous to bathers and your hot tub itself.

EZ Spa is very simple to use. When you decide to make this change, you will first add ‘EZ Spa Start.’ This is used to remove any organics, phosphates, or metals that come from your source water. You will only use this with a fresh refill.

For weekly maintenance, you will add the recommended dosage (based on your gallon size) of EZ Spa Total Care. This is a 7 product in 1 bottle weekly maintenance solution. This all in one chemical takes place of all the other balancer chemicals we recommend weekly.

You will only have to use this chemical once per week to meet your required needs. Making the switch to EZ Spa also prevents common water problems such as foaming, cloudiness, ph bounce, and bad odors that come from hot water.

Making the switch is easy, and we are happy to help! Stop in today and one of our pool experts will answer any questions or concerns. There are many benefits to making this switch, such as saving money and making your weekly chemical maintenance much easier!

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