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Cover Pumps - Why do we need one?

Do you have a cover pump on top of your automatic cover or winter cover? Have you ever wondered if you really need the pump or why it is important?

A cover pump works by pumping water off of your pool cover. Most of them are electric, so they will need to be plugged in. The pump is attached to a hose and is placed directly on the cover itself. The hose should be positioned away from the cover and in the direction of where you want the extra water to go. It is recommended that this direction be away from your home.

It is very important to have a cover pump so that your cover does not get damaged. If too much water gets on your cover, it can damage the cover, which can lead to damage of your pool. For example, on an above ground-pool, damage to the cover can cause stress on the pool frame itself. If the pool frame is damaged, it can be a very expensive fix. On an in-ground pool, damage to the cover can cause foreign objects to get into your pool. For example, if a large stick got in to your pool, it could damage or rip the liner. A liner is a very expensive fix that can be avoided if you simply have a cover pump.

At Angie's, we carry two different brands of pool cover pumps. Stop in today to see which one is best for you and your pool. We would be happy to help get you the right pump to ensure your cover and pool are protected!

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