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Closing Later Rather than Earlier

When August rolls around and the kids go back to school, you might think it is a good time to close your pool. Just because the pool is being used less often doesn't mean it is the best time to close. Here is why you should leave your pool open a little longer and close later!


Close Late for Better Opening Results

Waiting for your water temperature to be consistently below 60-65 degrees is better for a spring opening. This helps avoid algae growth as well as other issues. If you close prematurely, you can expect to work harder and spend more money when it is time to open again in spring.

Early Closing can Cause Algae

When pool owners close their pools too early, they are more likely to open a green pool the following spring. When you keep your water circulating and avoid periods of time where the pool is just sitting, it will become a much less expensive mess to open in the spring.

More Backyard Time

The pool season doesn't have to end just because the kids are back in school! You can still enjoy your backyard investment through August and September. Why not enjoy your pool for as long as you can?

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