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Closing Bundle Special

Although no one wants to think about having to close their pool for the winter, the time is coming, and so are the savings! This fall, Angie's Pool and Spa is offering $15 rewards dollars for customers who purchase a closing chemical bundle, in store only.

In order to receive the rewards dollars, the following items must be purchased: 4 gallons of liquid chlorine, 4 gallons of antifreeze, Algimycin Winter, Sequa Sol, and a gizmo.

Let's dive in to why each of these chemicals are important to add to your pool when it comes time to close.

Liquid Chlorine

It is always important to make sure you have a proper chlorine level in your pool, and closing time is no different. Chlorine works to prevent algae, break down bacteria, and it keeps your pool safe and sanitized. You want to include this step in adding closing chemicals to ensure your pool water is safe and free from bacteria before the cover goes on for the winter.


This is a crucial chemical to add to in-ground pools during the closing process. Anti-freeze is added to help protect your pools plumbing from freezing or expanding from the winter weather. If your pipes expand from frozen water, they can crack and become damaged. This will cause a huge headache in the spring, but can be avoided with the proper amount of anti-freeze. (P.S. If you do not know how much anti-freeze you should be using, stop in or call our store, and one of our pool experts will be happy to help figure it out for you!)

Algimycin Winter

It is always a good idea to be proactive and prevent, rather than treat the problem once it is already there. This is what Algimycin Winter is for! We recommend adding an algicide during the closing process to help prevent algae growth over the winter months. Adding this at the closing will help make the opening process in the spring easier for you.

Sequa Sol

Sequa Sol is a stain and scale preventative. We recommend this as a weekly maintenance chemical, and we also recommend this as a closing chemical. It is important to add during closing to prevent mineral and metal staining as your water sits over the winter months.


Although this is not a chemical, a gizmo is important to add to your pool for the closing process. A gizmo is an ice compressor and it is added to your skimmer. If water were to get into the skimmer the gizmo will absorb the water. This will prevent the water from freezing and expanding in your skimmer. If this were to happen, it could cause damage to the skimmer which would lead to problems when spring time comes back around.

Final Thoughts

We believe that all of these products are important for closing your pool for the winter. Stop in to our store to get more details on this closing bundle. Our team members would be happy to answer any additional questions and get your closing started on the right foot!

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Maddy Joun
Maddy Joun
19 sept 2022

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