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"Chlorine" Shortage: The Alternative

Alternatives to Chlorine Tablets

1. Salt System

A great alternative to using chlorine tablets is installing a salt generator to your pool. Salt systems work by creating chlorine from sodium chloride (salt). As salt water moves through the pool's circulation system, it enters the salt generator and passes through a salt cell. When this happens, electrolysis is initiated. This causes the salt and water to break up into hydrogen gas and hypochlorous acid. The hydrogen gas leaves the pool in the form of small bubbles and the hypochlorous acid sanitizes the pool water and eventually reverts back into salt. Then, the process repeats itself. Because salt systems do not require the use of chlorine tablets, you will not have to worry about the shortage pool stores currently have. While the initial cost may seem pricey, you will spend less money on chemical over time!

2. UV System

Another great alternative during this shortage is installing a UV system. Inground pool UV systems work like a germicide to get rid of unwanted bacteria in the pool. It starts by flowing pool water through the pool's filtration system first. Then, the water passes through graphite housing where a UV light destroys bacteria, algae, and other unwanted microorganisms by attacking them through their cells walls. Because the UV light is contained within the graphite chamber, it doesn't harm you or any swimmers. UV systems are one of the best tools for pool sanitation. They also don't require the use of chlorine tablets, which can be a relief for this summer!

3. Liquid or Powder Shock

Even though access to chlorine tablets is limited, you can always stick with regular liquid or powder chlorine! If you have chlorine tablets, we recommend leaving one tablet in your chlorinator or floater on the lowest setting. You should continue shocking your pool with 1 gallon of liquid chlorine or 1 pound of powder shock every week. On weeks where the weather is hot, you may need to increase the amount of chlorine you add to your pool. At Angie's we offer free professional water tests and can tell you what chemicals you need to add to your water down to the ounce. You can also use testing strips in order to read your chlorine levels. We always recommend keeping your chlorine levels between 2-4 ppm.

At Angie's, we can order and install both salt and UV systems to your pool. You can come into the store or give us a call to get a quote! We are located at: 3130 Meridian Parke Dr Ste A, Greenwood, IN 46142 or give us a call at: (317) 881-1257.

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