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Care Tips For Your Cover

1. Make sure all water is pumped off the cover.

It is important to remove all excess water from your pool cover to avoid damage to the cover and to the pool. You can remove excess water from your cover by with a submersible pump whenever temperatures are above freezing and water is present.

2. Make sure water level is kept normal.

The water in the pool under your cover must be maintained at a proper level both for safety and for maximum longevity of the cover. The water surface under the cover can prevent the cover and springs from being overstretched. It is recommended that you keep your water level about half way up the skimmer box opening!

3. Make sure leaves and debris are removed.

Removing leaves and debris from your pool cover will prevent them from getting into your pool. When leaves and debris get into your pool, this can be difficult to clean and can cause algae. You can remove leaves and debris with a leaf blower or a pool brush!

4. Keep pets and loved ones off the cover.

Automatic pool covers can be walked on, but for the main purpose of rescuing someone or removing fallen leaves, twigs and other debris. However, it is not meant to be jumped on or played on. Putting the weight on the cover excessively or frequently can damage it over time.

5. Clean your cover material regularly.

GLB Cover Care can be used to clean your pool cover. It works by cleaning, deodorizing and protecting pool and solar covers from grime, grease, oils and dirt. Rinsing and washing the cover fabric helps keep the cover looking its best, and can even help extend its overall life span.

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