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5 Myths About Your Pool

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Myth #1: The pool smells like chemicals, so there is definitely chlorine working to sanitize the water.

The truth: A perfect, chemically-balanced pool does not smell like chemicals. This chemical smell actually arises from a chlorine lock, which happens when the working chlorine in your pool has been all used up. This means that while some may think there is too much chlorine in the pool, you may actually need to add more chlorine to your water. To find out more about chlorine locks, see our blog post: What is a Chlorine "Lock"?

Myth #2: The chlorine in your pool water turns your hair green.

The truth: Chlorine is not to blame for your green hair. Copper is actually the culprit for the green, post-swimming hair. Copper may be present in your water if you've recently added an algaecide as this chemicals is generally copper-chelated. There may also be copper present in your water if your pool has a heater, whether it's been used or not. The copper can be extracted from the heater, through your pool's plumbing lines. To prevent those green strands, you can try wearing a swimming cap or rinse and shampoo your hair immediately following your swim.

Myth #3: Chlorine burns your eyes if you open them underwater.

The truth: Chlorine isn't the issue. Irritated eyes, skin, and ears come from unbalanced pH and alkalinity levels. Your pH should be between a 7.4 and a 7.6, and your alkalinity should be between 125ppm and 150ppm. If either of these levels are too low, they can cause skin irritation or rash, burning of the eyes, and ear aches or infections.

Myth #4: If you pee in the pool, it will turn another color.

The truth: There is no magical dye that will detect urine in your pool water. If someone tells you this, it's most definitely a scare tactic. Though this tactic is generally used on children, an alarming amount of adults have also admitted to peeing in the swimming pool. Please don't do that... it's gross!

Myth #5: A clear pool is a safe pool.

The truth: A clear pool is NOT always a safe pool. Just because pool water is clear does not mean it is chemically balanced. This goes back to myth #3. A pool that is low in pH and alkalinity is so acidic that no algae or other bacteria could possibly grow in it. And remember, the lower the pH and alkalinity, the more likely eye, ear, and skin irritation are going to be likely for any swimmers.

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