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3 Valentine's Day Gifts Under $20

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Valentines day is right around the corner. There's no need to panic one month from now because you haven't picked out a gift for your significant other! Here are some quick and easy gift ideas you can pick up at Angie's today.


1. Strahl Glassware

Strahl is the unbreakable glassware brand! You can take these glasses in the swimming pool or the hot tub, without fear of breaking glass on your liner or acrylic. These glasses come in six different styles - perfect for any and every occasion.

Spazazz Spa Scents

Spazazz scents can be added to either your hot tub or bath tub. they come in a large variety of scents, so you can find the perfect Spazzaz crystals for your significant other. Pictured below are the scents Get Physical, Cosmo, and Burnin' Rubber. Come in the store to check out 15+ scents.

Meat Church BBQ Rubs

If your significant other is a big foodie, Meat church BBQ rubs are the perfect gift! They come in twelve different flavors, and can be paired especially well with any meat smoked on our Primo Grills!

Still not sure what to get your significant other this Valentine's Day? Come into Angie's to see the awesome selection of swimming pool, spa, and grill accessories that would be perfect for him or her!

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