People love slow cooked BBQ but it takes so long to cook. Flame Boss smoker controllers are cruise control for your backyard BBQ allowing you to do other things while your Flame Boss controller watches your smoker for you. A kit includes a temperature probe for the pit and one for the meat. It uses a variable-speed blower to control the amount of air to the fire. The controller provides more air to increase the temperature and less air to decrease the temperature.


  • Easy to use - turns on as soon as you plug it in; there is only one mode - automatic
  • Temperature Probes (2 included) -Industrial duty platinum resistance thermometer probes provide accurate readings of the temperature inside the smoker and the internal temperature of the meat - better probes that last longer in the hot environment of your smoker
  • Automatic Learning PID Controller -Intelligently learns your smoker for quicker and smoother temperature control
  • Variable speed blower runs at the best speed to reach and maintain the desired temperature in the smoker
  • Open liddetects the sudden temperature drop from opening the lid and turns the fan off temporarily to avoid over-stoking the fire
  • Meat Temperature Alarmlets you know when your cook is finished

Flame Boss 100 Temp Controller